The Isidre Esteve’s Foundation

At the Isidre Esteve’s Foundation we have one mail goal – to make the life of people affected by spinal cord injuries a lot easier and significantly more pleasant.


How is this goal achieved?

By combining:

  • Isidre’s own enthusiasm for and vast experience in the world of international sports to.
  • The invaluable knowledge of different experts in the field of spinal cord injury and to
  • The generous funding of corporations and individuals with the financial capacity and drive to help those affected by this type of injury


One single goal that brings us closer together and allows us to support an increasingly number of people. Thanks to the cooperation between our team and other organizations with similar objectives we are now able to:

  • Improve mobility for people with spinal cord injury, bringing their daily routines as close to a sense of normalcy as possible.
  • Use sport as a tool for motivation and improvement.
  • Inject a dose of Isidre’s high levels of optimism and determination to succeed into people with spinal cord injuryand other groups experiencing difficulties of different nature.
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    • Contribute to medical researchon spinal cord injury.
    • More specifically, and thanks to Isidre’s bonds with the African continent, we are now also able to promote projects for people with spinal cord injury or people at risk of exclusion in Africa.
    • One simple goal.

      Help us achieve it.


    The projects


    Everyone knows what a spinal cord injury is, but few are really aware of what it feels like to be in a wheelchair, and what lack of feeling and lack of mobility mean.

    One of the most common pathologies is pressure ulcers that occur when the injured person is sitting too long, keeping constant pressure on the same area, which prevents the proper irrigation of tissues and causes, in more severe cases, necrosis.

    The solution to a pressure ulcer, in most cases, is surgery, and in all cases, one must keep the area free of any pressure for long periods of time, which may even lead to a year lying in bed.

    This involves:

    • Isolation of the affected person, who loses contact with society.
    • Absolute dependence on third parties (usually relatives).
    • Increasing infection.
    • Depression and lower quality of health.
    • Inability to have a sustainable working life.
    • Increased spending on medication, treatment, etc.


    Through the design of a Smart Cushion that avoids constant pressure on a specific area, and by making it affordable to everyone, we want to help people with spinal cord injury who are confined to wheelchairs, and all those likely to be in one (post-operative, the elderly, etc.) so that they have a better quality of life, access to a normal working life, which they may live with dignity, without dependency, and in a socially integrated manner.

    information e-mail : info@nubolo.com



    Performing an appropriate physical activity reduces the risk of disease, depression and failure to reintegrate into society in a person who has suffered spinal cord injury.

    Our goal is to create a sports centre with basic equipment and trained staff, where people with spinal cord injury may go for as long as they need, working out as in a conventional gym but with specific adaptations, or even in their own home with simple equipment.

    In this sports centre staff will be trained to receive these new users.



    Main contributor:



    The will to contribute to medical research into spinal injuries has led the Isidre Esteve Foundation to make an alliance with Wings For Life, an international foundation that was established in 2004 under the guidance of Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull founder, and Heinz Kinigadner, Motocross world champion and KTM Sports Manager, with the aim of supporting and encouraging innovative, high quality clinical research to achieve spinal cord regeneration, while funding research projects and clinical evaluation for this purpose.

    At the Isidre Esteve Foundation we organize and implement communication campaigns and fundraising in Spain on behalf of Wings for Life thereby participating in the development of these projects.

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    It is already part

    Already collaborators with the foundation:


    Main partner:






    It is part

    The Isidre Esteve Foundation was born with an eagerness to help others. We neither want nor can solve problems; our aim is to help people who face challenges, and to encourage them to keep fighting.

    We provide all the enthusiasm, means and resources that we have at our disposal, but it is not something we can do alone, with your help we will have more strength, more capacity, more propulsion… So that all our projects can come to fruition, we need you.


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